Buster's Tummy Trouble

Buster is a six month old Japanese Akita who had a 2 month history of intermittent diarrhoea. His owners tried everything possible to try and help Buster including change of diet, worming and even some nutritional supplements but he just wasn't thriving and became very fussy with his food. They noticed that he had also started to strain when passing motions.

Buster was brought to Craemill Veterinary Clinic and straight away it was very obvious how dull and depressed he was- not bright and bouncy like a typical puppy of his age. He was very underweight and had a pot-bellied appearance to his tummy.

Buster had an ultrasound scan of his abdomen immediately, with his very worried owners present in the consult room to give him a reassuring cuddle. The scan quickly revealed abnormally gassy guts (this could have been secondary to severe gastro-enteritis or a blockage of his guts) but also highlighted an abnormal multilayed area of guts suggesting a possible intussusception (the telescoping of one part of the intestine into the opening of another) which would have been a cause of the blockage and potentially life threatening.

Buster was then admitted to the hospital and put onto intravenous fluids (a drip). Xrays were taken of his abdomen and a blood sample was tested to check his organ function. His bloods showed that he was dehydrated with electrolyte and protein abnormalities and his xrays confirmed what was seen on the ultrasound scan, so Buster was prepared for emergency surgery to correct the intussusception.

Xray of Buster's abnormally gassy guts

That evening, Buster underwent a major intestinal operation to remove the 2 sections of gut that were trapped into each other. Once this blockage was removed, the 2 cut ends of gut were closed by stitching them to each other again (resection and end-to-end anastomosis).

Photo illustrating the 2 gut ends stitched back together again

The surgery went very well and Buster stayed in the hospital on a drip for pain relief and intravenous antibiotics until he started to eat and pass motions normally. He was home again with his very anxious owners 3 days later.

Photos of Buster 2 days after his operation illustrating how underweight he was

Ten days after the surgery he was already more puppy like than the owners could ever remember! Within 2 months he had more than doubled his original body weight with a lovely, thick glossy coat!

Photos of Buster 2 months after his operation looking healthy and happy with his tail in the air!