Pinning A Guinea Pig's Leg

Maisy is a six month old guinea pig who was brought to Craemill Veterinary Clinic with a sore back leg following a fall. On clinical examination of her leg, it was evident that she had unfortunately broken it and was very lucky to have no other injuries.

Xray illustrating the fractured femur

The xrays showed that she had a nasty fracture of her right thigh bone (femur) and to repair this would require placing metal implants into her bone (Intramedullary pinning). That same day, Maisy underwent major orthopaedic surgery (especially for such a small animal) to repair her broken femur.

Maisy's leg was aseptically prepared for surgery The 2 broken bone ends were exposed to allow accurate repair of the fracture A metal pin is placed into the bone as part of the surgical repair (intramedullary pin) The bone ends have been reduced and the pin is now holding them securely together All stitched up and ready for post op xrays Post op xrays showing the metal pin in the thigh bone

The surgery went very well and Maisy went home that evening to her very relieved owners for lots of TLC!