Rio's Dislocated Elbow

Rio is a five year old Rottweiler who was unfortunately hit by a car and seriously injured his front leg. His owners were completely distraught and rushed him straight to Craemill Veterinary Clinic. Rio was hospitalised and given pain relief and some x-rays were taken of his right leg. The x-rays showed that he had dislocated his right elbow.

Radiograph illustrating Rio's dislocated elbow.

24 hours later, Rio underwent a major orthopaedic operation to reduce the dislocated joint. A metal screw was placed to hold a small bone fragment and important supporting ligaments in place to allow it to heal. The surgery went very well and he was home again with his very worried owners the next day, already starting to walk on the leg as he left the clinic!

Radiograph following surgery.

Rio had to be kept in a small room at home and only taken out to the toilet on a lead to prevent him from over using his leg. However, only ten days after the surgery he was once again back to his old self, walking on the leg! Unfortunately, due to the initial injury of the joint, Rio will develop arthritis in his elbow so long term we will be managing his weight and exercise along with pain relief to help him lead as normal a life as possible.

Happy and playful Rio again