Large Animals

We provide a wide range of large animal services

Routine Large Animal Services

  • Cattle Fertility & Routine Visits
  • Mastitis Management
  • Interherd
  • Foot Paring
  • Pigs
  • TB Testing & Brucellosis
  • Herd Health
  • 24h Emergency Service

Cattle Fertility & Routine Visits

With cows being put under high production pressure, it appears that fertility is declining. We feel that it is important that farms, along with their vet, have a clear target to reduce this trend.

Our specialist fertility services include:

  • Monthly visits at a reduced rate
  • Visits cover post natal checks (checking for metritis)
  • Pregnancy diagnosis from 28 days
  • Non bullers - examination and manipulation of animals not seen in heat
  • Synchronisation programmes- for heifers & cows (inc embryo transfer)
  • Teaser bulls - vasectomy of young bull calves so they can be used as an aid for heat detection

Mastitis Management

Mastitis can be broken down into 4 broad categories:

  • Clinical (clots in Milk)
  • Non clinical
  • Contagious
  • Environmental

We aim to help identify which categories are most problematic on your farm and develop an approach to treat and prevent further problems:

  • Full mastitis investigation
  • Milking routine and teat end assessment
  • Laboratory milk sampling
  • Interpretation of milk records with Interherd


Interherd is an advanced computer programme that can be used to interpret milk recordings giving information on fertility, nutrition and mastitis.

It can be used to generate action lists for fertility visits as well as assessing any improvements in fertility, looking at calving to conception, percentage served by 100 days and many more important aspects.

It can also help to identify a problem cow by looking through historic milk recordings, assess treatment success and success of dry cow therapy.

Foot Paring

Craemill Veterinary Clinic has a portable electrical WOPA crush and we offer on-farm services for both lame cows and routine preventative trimming as well as specialist advice on cause and prevention of lameness.


  • Quarterly farm quality assurance checks
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Advice on treatment
  • Prevention
    (including drugs sales at very competitive prices)

TB Testing & Brucellosis

We have a team of farm vets who are qualified TB testers and pre-movement Brucella blood samplers.

We can also offer full services for the export of cattle and sheep (sampling & certified paperwork).

Herd Health

We can provide a generalised overall herd health assessment to aid with quality assurance schemes or detailed disease work up for mastitis, pneumonia and scour resulting in farm specific advice on appropriate treatment options and preventive measures.

24h Emergency Service

Fast and efficient, high level of service offered to a large radius of clients from our Coagh, Cookstown and Magherafelt Clinics.

Farm drugs available from all clinics