Specialised Services

Our offer of specialised services for your pet

From a straightforward consultation and treatment of a simple problem to the facility to hospitalise your animal, Craemill Veterinary Clinic offers the best care for your pet.

We can perform in-house blood tests, proceed to x-ray and perform surgery, which can all be done with results obtained within hours and treatment completed within a few days. For animals that require a prolonged recovery time we have comfortable kennels, specialised feeding, exercise areas and high level nursing with CCTV in all kennel areas for constant observation of all inpatients throughout the day and night.

  • Laboratory
  • Dental Work
  • X-Rays and Scanning
  • Surgery


Blood samples can be taken and processed to give a diagnosis within minutes in our in house laboratory.

We can arrange for specialised tests at external labs which also give rapid results.

Dental Work

Many dogs suffer from bad breath due to a build up of plaque and tartar resulting in dental and gum disease.

We can treat your pet's dental problems quickly and efficiently with our specialised equipment.

X-Rays and Scanning

From bladder problems to pneumonia and broken bones to pregnancy, our radiography department gives rapid, same day results.


Surgery is performed when deemed necessary for the well being of your pet, and is performed safely with extreme care and efficiency. Anaesthetic agents and equipment are state of the art and this is supported by our extremely skilled veterinary nurses. Post operative care is regarded as important as the operation itself, with patients monitored closely in our recovery room. We also believe in physiotherapy and can recommend rehabilitation programmes and hydrotherapy centres.

Routine Services

Routine Services

Take a look at our routine services for small animals.



Puppy parties, grooming service and more. Take a look at our great offers.